News 2024

2024-03-11ORS FellowZong-Ming Li is named 2024 Orthopaedic Research Society Fellow. Read more
2024-02-15ORS Meeting PresentationsHandLab gave 6 poster presentations at the Annual Meeting of Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) at Long Beach CA, February 2-6, 2024.
  • Jordan D, Elfar J, Kwoh CK, Li ZM, Estimation of radiographic joint space of the trapeziometacarpal joint with computed tomographic validation.
  • Gomez D, Jordan D, Elfar J, Kwoh CK, Li ZM, Trapeziometacarpal joint space changes with different thumb orientation directions. 
  • Ocampo R, Jordan D, Elfar J, Kwoh CK, Li ZM, Gender differences in trapeziometacarpal joint space changes with axial thumb traction. 
  • Jordan D, Zhang H, Elfar J, Kwoh CK, Li ZM, A parabolic modeling of area expansion of the carpal. 
  • Jordan D, Duryea J, McAlindon T, Driban J, Kwoh CK, Li ZM, Demographic distribution of finger joint space width and joint space width change. 
  • Hawk J, Walter S, Sun X, Li ZM, Morphological characterization of median nerve and transverse carpal ligament from ultrasound images using a convolutional neural network.
2024-01-25Dr. Jordan as Associate Editor of JMMBDavid Jordan, PhD, is appointed Associate Editor for the Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology (JMMB). JMMB is the first journal to publish original research articles in fields of mechanics in medicine and biology. The scope of JMMB includes, but is not limited to, biomechanics, clinical biomechanics, biomaterials, mathematical modeling, bio-nanotechnology, neuromuscular mechanics and others. David will work alongside colleagues to contribute to the editorial process for articles submitted to JMMB. Congratulations, David!
2024-01-15Postdoctoral fellowshipCongratulations to David Jordan, PhD, on being awarded the 2024 BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship. The fellowship supports his project of Preliminary Biomechanical Evaluation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trapeziometacarpal Osteoarthritis. The purposes of the project are to identify patients with concurrent cases of carpal tunnel syndrome and trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis and to compare the hand function of these individuals. Read more
2024-01-01Happy New Year!