Hand Research Laboratory

HandLab Director

Zong-Ming Li, PhD (web, video)

HandLab Clinical Staff

Peter J. Evans, MD, PhD (web, video)

Steven Maschke, MD (web, video)
William H. Seitz Jr., MD (web, video)

HandLab Members

Minoo Alipour, MS, Graduate Student
Emily L. Grandy, MS, Clinical Coordinator
Lenicia Jenkins, MS, Research Technician
Jeremy Loss, BS, Graduate Student
Carli Norman, BS, Research Engineer
Brinda Pogul, BS, Graduate Student
Matthew Rudy, MS, Research Engineer
Narenraj Selvaraj, BS, Graduate Student
Rakshit Shah, BS, Graduate Student
Yifei Yao, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Hui Zhang, BS, Graduate Student

HandLab Current Collaborators

Nancy A. Baker, DSc, OTR/L, University of Pittsburgh

John Lee Berger, MD, New Jersey Orthopaedic Associates

Edward Diao, MD, University of California, San Francisco

Ahmet Erdemir, PhD, Cleveland Clinic

Juliet Hou, MD, Cleveland Clinic

Katherine Koenig, PhD, Cleveland Clinic

Mark Lowe, PhD, Cleveland Clinic

Pauline Luong, MS, Pressure Profile Systems

Jae Son, PhD, Pressure Profile Systems

Anne Su, PhD, Cleveland State University

Yuji Umeda, MD, PhD, Cleveland Clinic

D. Geoffrey Vince, PhD, Cleveland Clinic

Savio L-Y. Woo, PhD, DSc, DEng, University of Pittsburgh

HandLab Alumni

Our HandLab has served as a platform for more than 130 research trainees, including high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, engineers, medical students, residents, medical fellows, research fellows, postdocs, and visiting scholars.